Workout Ideas for the Fall

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The cool breeze is here, the leaves are falling and you’re back to work. You have a busy schedule, but want to set a time to work out. There are different ways people can stay active aside while working a 9 to 5. Whether you’re into high interval training or jogging on the weekends, you can enjoy the fall season in your downtime. Lee Journals lists workout ideas for the fall. 


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Do you love the outdoors? Spend some time in the beautiful outdoors. Vacationing in a rural environment allows you to go hiking. See the wonderful views at the top of the Pocono mountains. Remember to grab a water bottle with you and a GPS. Layer up in a warm jacket at a cool temperature. Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise for any age. Feel the sunshine giving you a burst of energy for the 1-hour walk.

Ride Your Bike

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Riding bikes is a fun activity to do during the fall season. Grab a friend with you to ride bikes at the nearest park or outdoor pier. If you live in the city, you can take a CITI bike with you to a cafe with friends. Buy an indoor cycling bike if you like working out from home. Peloton bikes are convenient for apartment settings. Have fun riding on the perfect bike trail. 

Practice Yoga

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Yoga is a great physical workout to relax during your downtime. The beautiful thing about autumn is that it brings people closer to nature. Fall is the perfect time to unwind and stretch out the tension. Try different types of yoga that can give you a mental awakening. Goat yoga is a popular craze where people bring goats into their sessions. You can join group yoga classes for a full experience.

Outdoor Sports

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If you’re athletic, spend some time playing sports outdoors. Set a day out of the week to plan a weekly sports event. Choose your favorite sport to play with close friends and family. The choices are endless whether you’re into soccer, baseball, or football. Make challenges and prizes for everyone to win. Sports activities are not only heart-healthy but mindful. You train your brain to focus on solving strategies, all while entertaining yourself. 

Start a Gym Membership

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Do you enjoy working out in a public environment? Join a local gym. There are popular gyms like Blink and Planet Fitness where you can join at an affordable price. Choose from a workout buddy you can bond with to keep on track with your weight loss. 

Gyms give you access to whole-body workouts that will strengthen your core. It also allows you to socialize and hire a personal trainer. Try these 30-minute cardio medley workouts for machine training.

Final Thoughts

Exercising should be fun and impactful every day. Remind the night before to work out for at least 30 minutes a day. Set a goal you want to reach with weight loss and get started. With consistent effort, these workouts will help inspire you to burn off the calories. It’s never too late to get into shape before the year is done.

Share any other workout ideas you have below.