Why Pilates is Good for Your Mental Health?

Woman doing pilates Illustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

Pilates is not just a casual exercise. One, it strengthens your body. Two, it prepares your mind. Pilates is a mind-body workout that fuses yoga with exercises. Like yoga, pilates helps strengthen your core and muscle tone. Just in a more rhythmic approach. Aside from all the great benefits, pilates is good for your mental health. Some people prefer to wake up doing a pilates workout. Practically anyone can take part in pilates and feel its benefits. Learn why pilates is good for your mental health.

Keeps You Focused

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Pilates is guaranteed to make you focus. Think about how you have to go from plank position to downward dog. It takes concentration to transition your legs. Or when you have to lunge and squat 20 times. Abdominal, lower and upper body exercises are all performed. You have to stay focused to remember the steps. It’s one thing to follow a trainer and another to do the steps yourself. Everything is well choreographed when you perform pilates. The exercise challenges you to focus your mind. It forces you to follow your body’s energy. So the next time you do pilates, learn to concentrate. Take your mind off other tasks and find your will. 

Helps You Breathe Better

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Pilates is certain to make you breathe better. As a low-impact exercise, it’s easy to relax. There’s no cardio to challenge your heart rate. That’s what makes pilates good for hypertensive people. Pilates can help lower your blood pressure with slow movement. You will learn to pace yourself with each move. Nothing is going to exhaust me in any way. The only challenge would be the hard yoga moves. You’ll learn to balance your core overtime. A trainer can help you to breathe better when you follow along. Remember to exhale in and out when needed.

Distracts You From Negative Thoughts

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Pilates is also great for antidepression. The exercise distracts you from negative energy. It brings in positive energy by changing chemical levels in the brain. Serotonin, cortisol, and endorphins are released to calm you down. Helping you relax and feel mentally better. Improving your mental health every time you exercise. Workouts are supposed to encourage you to keep moving even when things get tough. 

Helps Your Memory

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Pilates is proven to help your memory. Learning a new skill helps your brain to remember each activity. Harvard Health stated that exercise can boost memory and sleep. Problems with these areas can contribute to cognitive impairment. That’s why its important to exercise. Compared to regular exercises, pilates really helps with brain training. Each move allows you to remember how to work out mindfully. Remember that pilates is about choreography and balance. You’ll feel better every time you exercise.

Final Thoughts

Pilates may be hard for some people to try. As a start, begin with simple low-impact exercises. Basic yoga will do you some good. When you get comfortable, start pilates. Join with a partner or practice by yourself. Pilates is supposed to be emotionally relaxing. So have, lots of fun! Read HIIT workouts for beginners.

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