Try these Vegan Thanksgiving options

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Thanksgiving is a festive holiday that brings the family together. Different family members come over waiting to taste the delicious meals. While turkey and stuffing are the usual main platters of a Thanksgiving meal, vegans tend to turn their heads. In recent years, vegan thanksgiving has been a popular alternative to the holiday. There are great healthy options to choose from when planning for dinner. Lee Journals lists healthy choices for Thanksgiving. 

Vegan pumpkin pie

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Sometimes regular pumpkin pie can be too sweet for your taste buds. That’s why there is vegan pumpkin pie as an option. It’s a great alternative for diabetics and people on diets. Try this Hidden Veggies recipe here. Some of the ingredients you need are pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, coconut milk, and chickpea flour. Make or buy a vegan pastry crust and form it into a pie dish. Bake the pie crust for 10 minutes and mix all the ingredients. Taste everything and make sure it’s to your liking before serving. When everything is ready, bring it out to the table.

Quinoa Salads 

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Quinoa salads are unique appetizers that can be perfect for the holidays. Try this quinoa recipe from Cookie and Kate. It’s refreshing and health-conscious. It makes good lunches, picnics, and road trips. Quinoa salad is a creative way to replace rice and other starches for thanksgiving. Quinoa is low in calories and nutrients. The total time to cook is 40 minutes with eight side salads. It’s gluten and vegan-free right now. Follow the instructions carefully to make the right meal. 

Kale Casserole

Do you love taking time to cook your vegetables? Kale Casserole will be a great dish to make. It is delicious to eat and also vegan. While kale is not a popular vegetable, it’s healthy for the body. The fiber and antioxidants help remove toxins from the body. Kale Casserole can be an easy replacement for mustard greens. This makes kale great for fleshing your body out while eating a lot of food. All you need to make the dish is low-fat cream cheese and some parmesan. These ingredients can increase people’s appetites for kale. Try Marie Kostwick’s Cream Kale Casserole recipe.

Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash serves as a good alternative for a vegan meal. It’s easy and quick to make for the whole family. This type of squash is available year-round in most grocery stores. Let’s not forget it’s great for the autumn season. Bake these roast butternut squash and eat them as a delicacy. Try this Creme de la Creme recipe. Some of the benefits are that it’s high in fiber and a great source of magnesium. All you need is one medium butternut squash with some selective seasonings. Snack on these butternut squashes for lunch or dinner. 


Hidden Veggies

Cookie and Kate.

Marie Kostwick’s Cream Kale Casserole

Creme de la Creme

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