The Pros and Cons of Boba Tea

Boba Tea Illustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

Have you tried Boba tea? Bubble or Boba tea is the tasty hipster beverage seen across the country. The popular drink consists of tea and tapioca balls. Making it a replacement for coffee. Many flavors make up this drink seen in this drink. Originally from Taiwan, Boba tea hit America in the 1990s. Landing in Los Angeles and other cities. Lee Journals lists the benefits of boba tea.


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Like milk, boba tea is good for your immune system. The antioxidants inside the drink clean your system out. This is without drinking cranberry juice. Fruits like cherries and lemons with vitamin C also help your body’s wellness. Boba tea can also replace regular tea. If you’re into creating your breakfast drink, boba is good for you.

You don’t have to go to a shop to buy it, some people make boba tea on their own. It’s DIY ready to make on your own. All you need are a few fruits to make your own Boba tea. See this Tasty recipe here. Boba tea is known to give you a burst of energy. Milk ingredients help with muscle support. So, you’re not only getting energy benefits but muscle growth. 


Boba tea

While boba tea can be delicious, it does have its setbacks. The first is that it’s not for the lactose intolerant. Second, boba tea is heavy in carbs. The milk and black tea ingredients have lots of carbs. Making it tricky for you full very early on. Boba tea also has caffeine inside. For people with hypertension, this may not be good for them.

Decaffeination tea would work best for hypertension folks to lower blood pressure. Since boba is made with milk, it won’t be easy to dilute the drink. Go for a softer beverage if it helps. Another problem is convenience. Surprisingly, you can’t buy boba tea at your local Starbucks. This is unfortunate for Starbucks lovers who want the taste. However, some stores offer this drink. You can purchase boba tea at your nearest ViVi Bubble tea.

Final Thoughts

Boba tea can be very tasty. You can have fun picking out the fruits with each drink. Remember that boba tea isn’t caffeine free. Boba tea is a unique drink to have for breakfast in the morning. If like trying new beverages, boba tea will be great to try. What flavor of bubble tea will you try? Comment below.

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