The Controversy with Roe vs Wade

Illustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

The Roe vs Wade leaked draft is a devastating reality for women in America.

Women have been protesting for equality since the 70s. Second Wave Feminism took over where women fought for politics, rights, and sexuality. In the 21st century, we see reproductive rights being the most talked about in the discussion.

In 1973, Roe vs Wade gave pregnant women the right to have an abortion without the government intervening. This was important for millions of women who have reproductive issues or suffered from sexual abuse. Losing this right 50 years later limits women’s rights to choose.

Women would be forced to deal with the consequences of unwanted pregnancies. Some of these victims happened to be minors who have to make these tough choices. These decisions are deeply personal and need to be protected. Overturning Roe vs Wade prevents organizations like Planned Parenthood from supporting millions of women’s reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood states that 1 in 4 women in the US have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. This means that abortions are fairly common across America.

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While abortion is a controversial discussion, it’s important to consider women’s rights. Planned Parenthood allows women to express their issues without judgment confidentially. Not having Roe vs Wade takes away these exclusive opportunities. Having an abortion may be difficult and costly if it becomes less accessible.

Women will have fewer decisions about their bodies. Their choices are determined by the government rather than their free will. This is ultimately sad given that many women want an abortion for different reasons, and they want to do this legally. Overall, a woman’s right to have an abortion shouldn’t be determined by politics.

It should be an independent choice by the client no matter their social class. Most women want to know that they can have safe abortions regardless of insurance or financial circumstance. They also don’t want to be judged for what they do with their bodies.

Texas’ abortion law brings a negative taste to this controversy. The influence of this decision may have impacted the majority who voted to overturn Roe vs Wade. Senate Bill 8 bans most abortions after about six weeks before most women know they are pregnant. It’s an attempt to lessen the abortions that women have after those weeks. 

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The bill is a sly way to prevent women from ending their term — thus possibly overturning Roe vs Wade. Texas is a red state influencing other Republican states to do the same. More red states passing abortion bills further steps over Roe vs Wade. People will now look at America as a more conservative country and the first amendment will be threatened. America will look less like the “land of the free” and more like the “land of the political party.”

America may appear less democratic or liberal to foreigners. It doesn’t help that the country has a border crisis with Mexican immigrants. Women who left Texas to get legal abortions may not have the right anymore if the government overturned abortion as a whole.

This political controversy also brings the question of whether we’ve accomplished anything with women’s rights. Overturning Roe vs Wade is destroying 100 years of female protest. Also shows that the Republicans and Democrats are nowhere united after Trump left office.

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The only thing we can rely on to keep Roe vs Wade is our freedom of speech. Americans will keep protesting about social issues across the country. We even have social media platforms where the word is getting out online. Politicians and public figures are also speaking out against the leaked draft.

Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that the leaked draft has “opened a door to a whole lot of ugliness.” Nearly 160 celebrities also signed a Planned Parenthood petition for abortion rights. The media attention on this draft should give people a reminder of how important politics affects everyone. With strong support from both parties, we can find a way to stop the overturn of Roe vs Wade.

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