Outdoor Workouts for the Holidays

A black woman riding a bicycle in the snow. Illustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

Holiday vacations are finally here! That means more eggnog and winter fun! When the snowfall comes, there are many great activity options. Staying active during the winter can be challenging unless you plan ahead. If you live in the Northeast, you can find many outdoor activities for the winter season. Find ways to explore your vacation at your local resort. Lee Journals lists some outdoor workouts for the holidays. 


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A ski trip is always a fun activity. Bring a couple of your family members to go on the journey. Find the perfect resort that suits you. No matter how difficult, the journey can be fun! Make sure you wear the proper gear when going on a ski trip. Skiing is great because it helps build your core and muscular strength. This winter activity is a great starter sport to learn as a winter sport. It’s also a unique hobby to learn during your holiday vacation. Pick out some fashionable ski gear and get on the journey. Several trainers can help you get started if you’re a beginner. 


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If you don’t enjoy skiing, snowboarding may be best for you. It’s the next level to skiing because of the difficulty level. Be prepared to fall a lot if you are new to this sport. Stay extra padded when practicing. There are different snowboarding techniques to try. Freeriding, freestyling, and half-piping are some examples. Freeriding tackles more natural terrains. Halfpipe is one of the most popular at the Olympic games. If you love skateboarding, the halfpipe will be great fun. Snowboarding helps you practice balance and mindfulness. Challenge your aerobic skills with this activity. Learn more about snowboarding here.

Ice Skating

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Ice skating is a great group activity for everyone to enjoy. You don’t have to be a beginner to start. Just grab a friend to join in on the fun. Enjoy ice skating before Christmas or any time of the year. Rollerskaters usually take on this type of exercise. Ice skating is something to check off your to-do list for the right winter vibes. It’s a fun bonding activity that requires trust from your partner. If you live in New York City, go to Rockefeller Center. Other places in the city are Prospect and Bryant Park. If you live outside of NYC, try the Poconos. Find the nearest coldest setting for ice skating. 

Nature Walks

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Sometimes all you have to do is take a winter stroll. Hiking in the Spring is great, but winter can be more fun. Put on your best winter boots and take a long hike. Pick the perfect destination for your winter escapade. Searching for a short trail to ride through? Want more winter scenery? Choose a mountain destination with a good photo op. Be careful of avalanches in rural areas. You’re feeling the fresh winter air and getting your cardio at the same time. Perfect for the holiday surroundings. 

Ice Biking

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Ice biking is an alternative form of cycling. It’s a winter activity where you bike in the cold weather. For the real thrillseekers, ice biking may be for you. Adrenaline junkies love testing out open roads with biking. Spend one hour outside ice biking with a friend. You can combine this workout with your nature walks for quick travel. Always come prepared with full-on winter gear with a helmet, coat, and kneepads. Wrapping up is essential. Beware of poor weather conditions outside before riding. On the bright side, biking replaces driving in harsh weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

These winter activities are not for everybody. They are for different skill levels. Do not risk your health if the sport is too hard to perform. Do whatever fits your comfort. Remember to have fun on your holiday vacation! These activities shouldn’t have to feel hard for you.

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