Organic Tea Brands for the Fall

Ilustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

Tea is more than just a soothing “pick me up” in the morning. It’s a drink used to relax you when you’re feeling stressed or need digestive relief. While the weather gets cooler, pick up a warm cup of tea for your leisure activities. Organic tea brands are made from natural ingredients and help promote a variety of benefits. Lee Journals breaks down five organic tea brands for the fall.


BIGELOW® Constant Comment

BIGELOW® is a family tea brand founded in 1945 from Fairfield, Connecticut. The tea was dedicated to being a premier packer of truly fine quality teas. Their organic teas blend a variety of traditional and healthy ingredients like American spearmint and bergamot oil from Italy. The Bigelow family also believe in freshness and makes sure that their tea is accessible to different markets. Buy their signature Constant Comment® Tea. This classic tea is made by members of the Bigelow family using the finest ingredients flavored with rind oranges and sweet spice.


RISHI® Blueberry Hibiscus

RISHI® is a fresh, organic loose-leaf tea brand founded in 1997 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are an independently owned importer of organic teas and botanicals. Inspired by tradition and global culinary arts from Asia. In 1997, founder Joshua Kaiser recognized that traditionally handcrafted teas were rarely available elsewhere. RISHI® has a wide variety of herbal, organic, and caffeine-free tea. Buy their popular Blueberry Hibiscus Herbal tea. It’s USDA organic caffeine-free herbal tea with a forest berry taste. The tea has an elegantly simple blend of juicy hibiscus, rich red rooibos, and elderberries. 


STASH™ Cinnamon Apple Chamomile

STASH™ is a B Corp certified tea company founded in 1972 by two hippies in Portland, Oregon saw the taste of a “tea euphoria.” STASH™ was created to excite the senses and wake your taste buds with a diverse range of bold and bright flavors. Buy their Cinnamon Apple Chamomile from their Fall Collection. The Cinnamon Apple flavor is supposed to smell similar to a fresh apple pie from the oven. Chamomile makes the tea caffeine-free and great for sleep purposes. 

Traditional Medicinals®

Traditional Medicinals® Breathe Easy Tea®

Traditional Medicinals® is an independent tea company founded in 1974 in Guerneville, California. This brand embraces sustainability, ingredient purity, and social and environmental activism. It is also a certified B Corp that believes in modern herbalism. Their teas are specific for feminine needs like pregnancy and menstruation relief. Traditional Medicinals® also have probiotic and herbal teas. Buy their traditional Breathe Easy Tea with natural licorice root and eucalyptus leaves.

Numi® Tea

NUMI® Golden Chai Organic Black Tea

Numi® Tea was founded in 1999 in Oakland, California. The vision was to share the transformative, healing power of tea with the world. The co-founder began designing teahouses in Prague, where he learned about tea’s culture ceremonies and its many health benefits. One of their important ingredients is their Aged Earl Grey™ with Bergamot – an aromatic Italian orange. Other ingredients include Jasmine Green and Orange Spice. Buy their Numi® Organic Tea, Golden Chai. It is a bold black tea that’s great with an English breakfast. Made with citrusy Earl Grey.