How to Spread Mental Health Awareness

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Every day is mental health awareness day. Many people suffer from clinical depression and bipolar disorder symptoms. When these symptoms aren’t addressed, it can lead to violent and irrational actions. The 2020 decade has caused many people to think about self-care. Taking care of our mental health is self-care. Instead of ignoring our dark thoughts, we should be candid about getting help. Lee Journals lists ways you can spread mental health awareness.

Practice Having Sympathy

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Be sympathetic to people’s emotions. Practice being kind to others who are going through mental illness. Now more than ever people need the support to keep pushing forward. Think of how you would want to be treated if you’re going through stress. Be a helping hand to a friend or family member who needs some word of advice or a place to get help. Use positive affirmations and encouraging words to lift their spirits.

Educate Yourself

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Educate yourself on the symptoms you suffer from firsthand. If you have mood changes or antisocial behavior, write them down in a journal. Analyze those symptoms to see the patterns you have. Research the information that’s viable to you from medical sources. The websites should have doctor-recommended information. Consult your doctor if you feel you need to be diagnosed.

Be Transparent

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Don’t be afraid to be transparent about your feelings. If you want your mental health to improve, it’s important to talk about it. Confide in a sibling and tell them how you’re honestly feeling that day. Are you feeling tired, sad, or lonely? They can remind you to stay positive and keep working hard. Always keep a close dialogue with someone you love because they can save you from making poor decisions. Talk therapy or psychotherapy with a professional may also be a safe space to discuss feelings and emotions caused by stress.

Participate in Awareness Events

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Get involved with mental health awareness events. If you want to make an active difference with mental health awareness, volunteer to get your message across. Mental health organizations like The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) offer classes, training, and mental health programs. Find a NAMI walk in your local state where you can walk for mental health awareness. You can also pledge to be Stigma Free by shifting the social barriers to mental health. Talking about mental health shouldn’t be taboo. 

Mental Health Screening

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A Mental Health Screening is another way to check for mental health issues. Sometimes tests can determine our current output. Online screening is convenient to determine whether you have any mental health conditions. Take the quiz and share it with others who need extra help. What do you need to look for? Go to this website to take the mental health test.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to talk to your kids about their mental health too. Prepare them for the issues they may face ahead. Ask them how they are feeling before and after school. Many factors can affect a child’s behavior from bullying to peer pressure. In these recent times, your child needs to be protected. Hug them and tell them you loved them. Stay safe and be healthy.

How do you spread mental health awareness?


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