How to Make Feng-Shui in Your Home

Illustrated by Regina Humphrey I IG: regina_humphrey

Chinese feng-shui is the art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance. Feng-shui means “the way of wind and water” – coming from the Taoism religion. Feng-shui is supposed to bring good fortune according to The National Geography. This ancient art has spread from Ancient Asia to Western cultures. Some people practice feng-shui because it creates harmony and order in their homes. Lee Journals breaks down how to make feng-shui in your home.

Be Organized and Tidy

Pencils organized

Being organized is the number one rule. You shouldn’t struggle walking through your house with things all over your floor. Cleaning your room may sound like an average task given as a child, but it’s important when you get older. Take some time to throw out old belongings and books on the shelf. Remove bundles of clothes in your way. Organizing your room will get you one step closer to getting better at feng-shui.

Space Clearing

White Sage and Stones

Bring energy into your space. There are a few techniques that you can use to brighten up positive energy. Some objects that people use to strengthen their energy are singing bowls, white sage, salt, and essential oils. Tibetan metal bells, as well as singing bowls, are traditional tools for meditation practice. The vibrational sounds they produce are great for space clearing. Smudging herbs is a popular practice for space cleaning. You can smudge in the center of the space or walk around the perimeter of your house. White sage can also be used as incense for your home. 

Use Brightness

Objects on a table

Good feng-shui has a bright house. Start by decluttering and removing debris around that area. Make sure to sweep and clean up the room. Wipe down the door and shake up the doormat. Some people forget about those important details. Look around to see if any unnecessary objects are in the way. Lastly, add some light to your door entry. Change bulbs if you need to. Play around with the lighting placements. 

Give your doors attention

Open Doors

Doors are the communicator of your room. They are also portals into your physical space. So, they should be working at all times. First, make sure that your door is open at a 90-degree angle.  This allows you not to crowd up your room. It also invites a friendly atmosphere. The door should open and close with ease. Those details affect how the energy finds its way to you. Everything should flow smoothly.

Clean Your Windows

Two windows. Yellow background

Cleaning your windows is a valuable daily routine for overall space. You can also attract more sunlight with brightening windows. Decorate your curtains with bright colors and signature styles. When people see your windows from outside, they can get a good impression of your home. Plants also add liveliness to your windows. Bamboo plants in particular symbolizes good luck during Lunar New Year’s. Aloe vera plants are also known to bring positive energy because of their healing properties.

Final Thoughts

Have fun redecorating your home. Experiment with different feng-shui styles. Look at furniture catalogs or research online. Remember feng-shui is about bringing peace and love to your home environment. Overtime you may encourage people to renovate their home as well.


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