How to Get Your Body into Spring Shape

A woman in Spring air. Illustrated by Regina Humphrey/ IG: regina_humphrey

Spring sneaks up really fast in mid-February. Before you know it, the weather is warmer outside. Our shape is awakened from its slumber. We’re not sure if we are prepared to get that bikini body. But there are ways you can get back on track. At least the winter reminds us to stay active in the months ahead. There is hope to see your body transform for the better. Lee Journals lists how to get your body in Spring shape.

Change your Overall Diet

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Maybe you need to change the way you eat. Certain foods will leave you feeling bloated. Consider lowering your calorie intake. Track how much protein and carbs are in your diet. Look at the foods you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Swap some bacon for some avocado. Or a cheeseburger for a lean sandwich. For dinner, make sure to cook lots of vegetables. Eat fewer carbs for the second serving. Find what works best for your diet. See our guide to diets here. 

Drink Lots of Water

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It’s always important to stay hydrated. You’ll find that drinking lots of water will make you healthy. Drinking water is a simple way to clear your mind. Your body will thank you for protecting yourself from constipation. It’s also a good look from the outside. Everyone will see your fresh glow. One way to drink is by setting a cup by your desk. Taking a look at it can remind you to refill it with water when it’s empty. Besides as the weather gets warmer, your going to want more water.

Workout at least twice a week

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Get into the exercise routine if you haven’t. Remind yourself that you have to exercise while you’re in the middle of work. Set your alarm to get yourself moving. Some people like to exercise early in the day to get an early start. Others during their lunch break. Find a workout buddy who can help you out. Check your schedule to find what times work best for you. If you like indoor workouts, see this post for more information. Read HIIT workouts for beginners.

Sleep More

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Sleeping is not just a recreational activity. Sure, everyone goes to bed every day, but not as effective. Some people sleep for a few hours and expect to burn pounds off. However, that’s not how it works. Sleeping 8 hours a day helps burn calories. It also improves brain memory every day. Sleep goes well after a good workout. So, the more you burn, eat and sleep, you’ll see results. If you’re a light sleeper, remind yourself to go to sleep. There are apps to help you meditate before you go to bed. Thunder and frog sounds help some people go to sleep.

Stick to your goals

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There are two types of people. Ones who exercise and others who exercise with goals. As I said in previous posts, it’s important to be mindful when you work out. If you work out without a goal, your progress may be stifled. If you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, make that your goal. Even if it’s 5 pounds. Everybody’s goals and accomplishments are different. For some jogging for two blocks is a lot for them. For others, it’s walking up to the mailbox. Try not to compare your struggles with others. Create active goals before the Spring. Read about these fitness goals here.

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