How To Get Over Sleep Deprivation?

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People don’t always sleep peacefully in the winter. While everyone is snuggled under their covers, others struggle to stay asleep. They stare at the ceiling still counting sheets at 1 AM.  According to Penn Medicine, 1 in 4 Americans suffer from insomnia each year. It’s a constant burden affecting people’s livelihoods. Many people look for remedies to have perfect sleep. In the winter, it can be very frustrating not getting the full energy. Lee Journals is here to help you fight sleep deprivation this season. 


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One way you can prevent sleep deprivation is by exercising. Some like to exercise in the morning and others like it in the evening. Exercising at night can sometimes make you sleepier. The National Sleep Foundation states that exercising regularly can increase sleep quality. It can also give you lower risks for diseases. So, keep up that workout schedule. Pick a time of day to work out and burn those calories. Make sure you wrap up before exercising. You’ll see with consistency how well this works for your sleeping. Read our indoor workouts in the winter season. 

Limit your electronic usage

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We know that sometimes it’s hard to get off our phones. However, our phones can be a huge distraction. LED light can prevent us from getting the quality sleep that we need. Try to turn off your phones before going to bed. This gets your mind prepared for sleep. You’ll also have less thinking to do. Swap your phone for a good book to read before bed. In our previous article, we mentioned the benefits reading does for your mental health. 

Drinking Chamomile Tea

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Tea has sleep benefits. Specific teas can help you fall asleep. Chamomile has been a good resource for sleep. In one review, 10 to 12 cardiovascular patients saw that chamomile tea helped them fall asleep. Chamomile may also help slow down your anxiety. It creates a calm effect on the body. Even helping to reduce menstrual pain for women. Get a warm cup of chamomile tea and fall asleep. You’re guaranteed to feel comforted in the winter season. Read our list of other organic teas to buy in our previous article. 

Make your bedroom comfortable

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The best way to sleep faster is to get your bed comfortable. Decorate your bedroom to sleep better now. Comfortable enough that you can sleep. It may sound simple to some, but it’s not for others. Some people use their bedroom as a workspace instead of a sleeping space. Find ways to make your bedroom a snuggly palace. Buy new curtains and get fluffier pillows. How about buying a new mattress if your one is too messy? 

Final Thoughts

Healing insomnia takes time. By following these instructions you will gradually see results. Choose whatever method works for you. Eventually, you’ll sleep better. What are your suggestions for curing insomnia? Comment below. Subscribe for more wellness tips.