Hess Trucks: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Two girls playing with a toy truck Illustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

For some, the holiday season begins after hearing the Hess Trucks jingle on your TV.

Children wrapped up in winter coats holding a flashy new helicopter or ambulance truck.

Nearly 60 years later, Hess Toy Trucks are still keeping up the tradition despite our growing digital era of electronics. New toys are added every year, despite children’s changed interest in electronic devices.

Since 1964, Hess Trucks have been a natural treasure for children’s toys during the holiday season. Along with getting your child the latest Barbie and GI Joe, there were the flashy Hess Toys. Throughout the years, families have passed on these toys to multiple generations.

Eliza Shkolnik, CEO of Blockchn Media Inc. has a long family history of owning the toy brand. The tradition of owning Hess Trucks started with her parents. Her mother and father received Hess Toys growing up and eventually spread the tradition.

“My mom started buying one for my dad! (they were High School sweethearts) When I was born, she got me one and kept purchasing them for us every season.” Shkolnik said.

She recalled her first Hess Toy was the 1987 Hess 18 Wheeler Bank. While she was first annoyed at the gesture, she learned to accept the memories it brought her as a child.

As a kid, I will admit there were times when I was annoyed since I am a girl and I was a very girlie girl, but as I got older, it became a gift of nostalgia, and I really cherish them.” She continued. If we learned anything from the recent resurgence of Toys R Us, electronics are a big consumer trend.

“A Hess toy for my generation was an epic gift. Now you have kindergarteners asking for iPhones and Nintendo Switch Games.” She explained.

One of those popular Nintendo Switch Games was Animal Crossing New Horizon. Taking on a new generation of Animal Crossing Lovers with beautiful simulation. Roblox and Minecraft are also on top of the list. Inspiring kids to create build, and create their own adventures. Electronic sales rode about five-fold this past Cyber Monday and online sales jumped eight-fold according to Adobe. What makes Hess Trucks valuable is its quality, consistency, and adaptability.

Hess Trucks have upgraded to online selling and continue to keep its TV spots every holiday season. Even if a parent has never brought their child a Hess Toy, they can’t help but be curious when they hear the advertisement. Like Hot Wheels, children still love the fantasy of being able to drive a car or fly an airplane. Shkolnik understands that idea with her three-year-old son.

“It is so sweet to see my son receive his Hess Toy. He is such a little boy and LOVES his trucks and planes. Last year, he got the Hess Plane with a mini fighter jet inside. He is obsessed with it.” Shkolnik said.

Hess Toys have the right charm to attract any child with any imagination. And it makes children feel included no matter their ethnicity or gender. What is it about the innovation of Hess Toys? For Marc Werner, the proof is in a high-quality design. Marc Werner, Founder/CEO of Nature’s Sleep grew up as a truck toy collector. As an inventor of 40 years, he understands that high detail creates a good collectible item

“Collectors and brand owners see a legacy as a sign of quality and authenticity so it’s important for brands like Hess Toy Trucks to maintain their legacy as a part of their long-term branding strategy,” Werner said.

While Hess Toy Trucks remains a toy juggernaut, there is always room for improvement.

They will certainly gain inspiration from advanced technology to improve their outreach. Self-driving cars or AI robots can inspire a new generation of Hess toy lovers. The possibilities are endless.

In the meantime, Hess Trucks will continue to bring joy to TV in a formal fashion. Despite the competition, they will always be a natural treasure. Parents will still remember the jingle that plays on the TV and smile with glee. Like Shkolnik said, “The nostalgia will always be there.”

Have you owned any Hess Toy Trucks? Comment and share below. Check out 2022 Hotbed Truck with Hot Rods while supplies last.

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