Get Savvy with 2023 skincare

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Get that New Year glow in 2023. Yes, advance skincare is coming to a store near you. Get in the know with the latest skincare news. Are there new serums to choose from? More organic options? Stay ahead of influencers with this list. Lee Journals is giving you the latest skincare trends in 2023.

Prescription Pills and Topicals

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There is new attention to pills because of their mental effects. Allure explained how skin conditions like psoriasis cause depression. Specialists are creating treatments for these issues. Customers don’t have to worry about side effects from their oral pills. Look for more mindful skincare in the future. We’re going to see a lot of these new trends online. Maybe some influencers may take to tiktok to get people on board.

Menopausal Skin

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More inclusivity is moving towards menopause. After years of silence, menopause skin gets attention. Stripes creator Naomi Watts is normalizing the conversation behind menopause. Her menopause products are made to treat collagen loss and skin dehydration. Other brands are following the trend with their products. Some of them are made to help with wrinkle loss and firmness. This news shows how skincare is becoming more inclusive with its viewpoints. Now all types of women can feel less judged about their age or hormonal status.

Dermatologist brands

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Dermatologists are putting their recommendations in writing. What does this mean? Well, they are creating their original products. It makes sense since they already give their clients advice. Clients will buy their products because of their recommendations. This is also exciting for beauty vloggers who want to give their followers unique products. Dermatologists are certified doctors who people can honestly trust. A lot of these dermatologists are hopping onto this trend and getting success. Dermatologist Shereene Idriss PillowtalkDerm skin care sold out in under 48 hours. Products like Macure Actives are plant-based for all vegans.

Beauty tech

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2023 is the year of beauty tech. There are several at-home skin care techs. Treating skin from home is a convenient way for self-care. LED technology protects all layers of the skin. Beauty tech may be costly, but it’s good for specific issues. LED light therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment for your skincare. There are special spas that offer this high-tech service. You can also buy some of these products at home. The advancement of beauty tech allows you to buy to care for your skin issues.

Final Thoughts

Remember that facial routines can change. Some products won’t work for everyone. More inclusivity in the beauty industry brings up new ideas. Stay tuned for more skincare updates while everything advances. For more winter skincare, read 5 products for dry winter skin.

Do you know any other skincare trends? Comment below.


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