Earth Day Activities

A girl planting for Earth Day Illustrated by Regina Humphrey / IG: regina_humphrey

Every year we observe Earth Day in the United States. The history of Earth Day goes as far back as the late 1960s. Before the Environmental Protection Agency was established, industries were polluting the environment without repercussions. Gaylord Nelson was one of the few people who had the idea of celebrating Earth Day. On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day was held with Americans marching down the streets for a healthy, sustainable environment. Today, many people have made tremendous efforts to protect our planet. Here are some Earth Day Activities to do.

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Planting Trees

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Planting trees is a fun activity for Earth Day. Join a community event like gardening and help plant trees in your neighborhood. Trees have been in danger for years due to wildfires and climate change. As of last year, 4 billion hectares are left. Two of the most endangered trees are The Monkey Puzzle and the Magnolia. That means that the world has lost one-third of its forest. Bring back our natural trees by building and constructing. By planting, you are also helping animals keep your home. Sign up at your local volunteer organization and take a friend with you. 

Picking up Trash

clean up water Sticker

Picking up trash with a team is one way to stop littering. Empty plastic bottles and paper to clean up our streets. It takes one special person to clean their environment. You can volunteer to clean up for the city for an hour or two. Sites like National gather people across the country to clean up public parks and rivers. You can create your team to clean up a specific area around your city. Post your public efforts on social media. 

Use Natural Cleaning Products

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Some of the easiest Earth Day activities can be cleaning. Using sustainable cleaning products is impactful believe it or not. Whatever you spray into the environment affects the air quality. Sustainable products like Charmin protect, grow, and restore the environment. They regrow two trees for every tree that they use by working with the Arbor Day Foundation. Other Earth-Friendly products are Seventh Generation. Their products contain a plant-based ingredient like Eucalyptus leaf oil which helps as essential oil of the plant. The mission is to transform the world into a sustainable place. See our ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle here.

Visit a Farmers Market

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Another way you can get involved is by visiting a farmer’s market. Find a market that sells organic fruits and vegetables. Visiting a farmer’s market is the best way to get fast produce. Broccoli, spinach, and carrots are some great examples. Buy shopping for fresh food, you’re supporting local farms. Agriculture is important for providing not just food; but fabrics, cotton, and wool. We need to keep our farms alive by helping them grow natural resources. 

Final Thoughts

Consider these five options below. Choose one activity that suits your needs. Feel free to donate to non-profit organizations that improve environmental change. The Rainforest Trust is working to save rainforests around the world. You can donate to help the organization conserve acres of natural land. Remember that Earth Day doesn’t have to be once a year. Make small environmental efforts every day. What are some Earth Day Activities you like to do?