Behind the Pescatarian Diet

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Wanting to explore a diet that caters to your seafood needs? Try the pescatarian diet. The pescatarian diet is a vegetarian diet excluding meats and poultry, eggs, and dairy products, but allows fish. This vegetarian diet is for a balanced healthy lifestyle rather than weight loss. Lee Journals breaks down the pros and cons of the pescatarian diet.


  • Shrimp and Grits
  • Vegetable Spaghetti
  • Garlic Butter with Cod with Lemon

Eating seafood gives you more protein through a strict vegetarian diet. Seafood allows us for more iron and zinc in your system. The Mayo Clinic states that iron is a crucial component of red blood cells. Another benefit is that the pescatarian diet can be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for heart health. Even though dairy products build strong teeth and bones, fish provides calcium-enriched products including cereals and soy milk. A healthy seafood diet provides a lot of instant energy and your protein will rejuvenate damaged cells. Meal examples: Breakfast: Shrimp and Grits. Lunch: Vegetarian Spaghetti. Dinner: Lemon Asparagus Skillet.


One of the problems with the pescatarian diet is the high mercury levels. It’s important to eat fish that contains low levels of mercury because it can expose you to toxic substances. Once it gets inside, it can cause damage to your nervous system. Stay clear of fish like mackerel, tuna, and sea bass. Another issue is that you can expose yourself to certain pollutants with certain fish. Fishes like wild salmon may be low in mercury but have more pollutants in their fat. The pescatarian diet can also be expensive since you are buying a variety of seafood. There is also a limited amount of food available. One way to improve that problem is by eating beans and soy food.

Final Thoughts

Before considering the pescatarian diet, think about whether a vegetarian diet is right for you. Sometimes you could start having a small portion of meat in your meal rather than not having meat at all. Remember meat and poultry are good sources of protein. It would be risky to get rid of protein in your diet for that reason. If you are looking to lose weight, I recommend starting a regular workout routine before trying the pescatarian diet.

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