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Are you curious about trying a new diet to lose weight? Willing to try out a new routine? Check out the Ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic or Keto diet is a low-carb diet that refers to getting calories from protein and high fat and less from carbohydrates. That means foods like beans and potatoes are replaced with proteins like poultry and fish. The Keto diet comes from the word “ketosis” meaning the breakdown of protein and fat for energy. This diet has grown popular over the years for weight loss and alternative meal lifestyles. Lee Journals breakdowns the pros and cons of the keto diet.


One of the main benefits of the keto diet is weight loss. Eating lots of protein and fats instead of carbohydrates is meant to prevent weight gain. Therefore, allowing you to lose weight more freely. For example: avoiding high carbohydrates foods like starchy fruits and vegetables. Increasing high fats like nuts, creams, and butter. Jason Ewoldt, RDN, LD, a wellness dietitian at Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program says that “about 60% to 80% of calories should come from fat. ” The keto diet however includes moderate amounts of protein and less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. He continues saying that with ketosis – your body shifts away from glucose from carbohydrates and instead uses fatty acids and ketone bodies for energy. 


Example: Breakfast, boiled eggs with avocado besides hash browns or pancakes. Unsweetened coffee or tea is also allowed. For lunch, a caesar salad and for dinner a Keto lasagna pasta. The Keto diet is also known to manage current medical conditions. In the 1920s, the keto diet was the original therapeutic diet to treat children with epilepsy. The popularity of epilepsy treatment later turned to anticonvulsant medications. Now the keto diet gains attraction for preventing cancer, acne, and diabetes. The keto diet burns the insulin created to store sugar in your body. With the lower levels of insulin, your body may slow down the growth of cancer cells. 


Despite these benefits, there are some cons you have to consider. The keto diet is very restrictive and cannot be managed for the long term. Pregnant women shouldn’t try this diet Ewoldt stated that “The average person is not going to keep doing this long term. Also because the saturated fat content is high, coupled with a limited amount of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.” 

Athletes consider this diet because if they follow a regular diet, they won’t sustain as much fat. Kidney dialysis patients shouldn’t use the keto diet because it can lead to kidney stones. A study in 2019 also showed that women may have a harder time than men when losing weight on the keto diet. However, more research is needed before scientists know exactly how the keto diet’s effects vary between the sexes. Other potential risks are hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, or the keto flu. Side effects include fatigue, nausea, and constipation.

Final Thoughts

Taking the keto diet doesn’t mean you should never incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables supply vitamins and restore your immune system. So, they are also great for your weight loss regimen. Find alternative ways to snack during the day instead of eating large meals. Find recipes that give you healthy nutrition. Remember the keto diet isn’t for everyone. Before starting a keto diet, I suggest checking with your doctor first on ways to alter your diet naturally. Maybe start finding different ways to exercise and cut down on junk food during the week. 

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